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About YOUR Office UK

YOUR Office UK is owned and run by two good friends, Garry & Graeme, who have known each other for years. Their personalities, backgrounds, skills & experience complement each other and make them the perfect team to deliver great value-for-money business services across the North West of England and beyond.

Their determination and adventurous streak underline their “never say die” attitude – if there is a workplace service that your business needs, Graeme & Garry will pull out all the stops to provide it.

Additionally Garry & Graeme have both had extensive training with Nectere – a leading office dealer services provider in the UK & Ireland. YOUR Office UK is now an accredited Nectere partner. Hence Gary & Graeme can take advantage of Nectere’s huge success, support services and wide range of stationery, office furniture, breakroom and office cleaning & hygiene supplies – which they can offer to YOUR Office UK clients at extremely competitive rates.

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Garry’s Story:

Highly professional, Garry has an engineer’s mind and is very technically able yet with a real flair for people – an ideal combination as far as his clients are concerned. He takes the time to listen to them, keen to ensure that what YOUR Office UK delivers to those clients is a perfect fit for their needs.

  • Garry has 15 years’ experience working with customers across a variety of platforms. As part of this Garry worked for Rymans – a leading UK stationer and supplier of home and office materials – for several years. The experience Garry gained at Rymans has helped him understand the needs of his clients for quality stationery, office supplies & office furniture and contributed to the decision for YOUR Office UK to become an accredited Nectere partner.
  • Garry served an apprenticeship with Unilever in 4 different Engineering disciplines (Electrical, Mechanical, Process, Instrumentation)
  • He gained NVQ Level 3 in all of the above
  • Garry achieved an HNC in Engineering academia
  • He was also in the Royal Navy as a Weapons Engineer and worked on HMS Ark Royal before it was decommissioned
  • Garry enjoys climbing mountains, charity work, travelling and trying new things
  • He also loves anything associated with Marvel and all of its super-hero characters
  • Garry likes spending time with his family and in particular his nieces and nephews

Graeme’s Story:

Graeme has a wealth of experience working for top industry leaders in both the Telecommunications industry (Vodafone) and the Workplace Safety & Compliance industry (PHS).  This makes him the ideal person to advise clients on telecoms/broadband services as well as  electrical and fire safety in the workplace and he can be relied upon to ensure those services are delivered on time & on budget.

  • Graeme has over 15 years of experience in multiple industries for Industry Leaders, including – as mentioned above – Telecommunications (Vodafone) and Workplace Safety & Compliance (PHS)
  • He may be modest about it but Graeme was actually somewhat of a TV star as a child – he was a background extra on Hollyoaks for a couple of years
  • Graeme used to play football but unfortunately had to stop through injury – he now keeps fit by kickboxing and going to the gym
  • Along with Garry, Graeme enjoys hiking up mountains and does a variety of Charity work; he has for example previously raised funds for the British Heart Foundation and Rock FM Cash 4 Kids. He already has plans in place for raising money for other charities in 2016 and both he & Garry will be blogging about those adventures on site – watch this space!
  • Another shared hobby with his co-partner is a passion for Marvel films – in fact for anything Marvel related

To find out more about what Garry, Graeme and the YOUR Office UK team can provide, please have a look around the website.

There are a variety of ways you can get in touch, so head over to our Contact Page for all the details – we look forward to hearing from you.