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Facilities Supplies

Hygiene and cleanliness is definitely something we all strive for in the workplace. A clean and hygienic office is essential to maintain a healthy working environment which in turn reduces sickness and increases wellbeing. A Clean and tidy office is a happy office.

Here at YOUR Office UK we have made it one of our main aims to provide a full and extensive list of facilities and janitorial products for your business.

Below are some examples of the types of products we can provide:

  • Janitorial Supplies
    Toilet Cleaner, Disinfectants, Air Fresheners, Bleach, Hand Sanitizer, Bacterial Cleaners etc.
  • Janitorial Equipment
    Toilet Brush Set, Long and Short Handle Dustpan Sets, Dish Brushes, Scrubbing Brushes, Sweeping Brushes, Mops and Buckets etc.
  • Paper Supplies
    Toilet Rolls, Toilet Tissue, Hand Towels Rolls, Folded Paper Towels, Centrefeed Rolls, Kitchen Towels etc.
  • Computer Cleaning
    Screen Wipes, Air Dusters, Telephone Cleaning, Whiteboard Cleaning, Foam Cleaning etc.

Please visit our webstore for a large range of products and if what you are looking for isn’t available please contact us and we can easily source it for you.