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Fire Alarm Testing

Here at YOUR Office we pride ourselves on being able to ensure you provide a safe environment for all your staff and/or visitors.
That is why we offer comprehensive Fire Alarm servicing to enable you to do just that.

We offer:

  • ‘Out of Hours’ testing (to fit in with your timetable)
  • Servicing of ALL types of Fire Alarms (Addressable, Non-addressable)
  • We can also install and commission Fire Alarms

Plus there’s the additional bonus of not having to remember when your testing is due in the future as we will remind you in plenty of time.

Remove the hassle and worry of fire safety by allowing us to take care of YOUR business.

For much more information about Fire Alarm Testing in general, we have put together some FAQs – these help answer many of the “Who, What, When, Where and How” questions you may have, particularly around the Law.

Don’t forget that we are always delighted to hear from you, so if you have any further questions or if you would like YOUR Office UK to give you a bespoke quote for our Fire Alarm Testing services then please get in touch.

Fire Alarm Testing FAQs

Why is Fire Alarm Testing and maintenance necessary?

If a fire starts in your building/premises it is absolutely essential that everyone is alerted. Fire alarms are extremely effective at alerting others in an emergency situation and there are many different types of systems on the market.

Testing fire alarms is mandatory and a legal requirement and is in place to guarantee that they will operate correctly in the event of a fire.

Is Fire Alarm Testing a legal requirement?

Yes. British Standard 5839 which is the British Standard that governs the service of a fire alarm system in the UK and forms part of English law.

What type of business needs Fire Alarm Testing?

Every type of business where the fire alarm system is fitted as a requirement of planning laws.

Will the engineers cause any downtime to my business?

YOUR Office UK will always strive to minimise any downtime to your business and we will contact you prior to the appointment in order to ascertain if any special provisions need to me made.

Do I receive any documentation?

Yes. You will be provided with a report and a certificate detailing everything that YOUR Office UK has carried out. You will also benefit from ‘Peace of Mind’ that your fire system would function correctly should you ever need it.

How often does my fire alarm system need to be tested?

Every year under BS5839 (See Above)

How much does Fire Alarm Testing cost?

The cost of this service will depend on your specific fire alarm system as well as other factors so the best way to receive an accurate quote is to contact us and we can discuss your personal requirements.