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Office Breakroom Supplies

We all need refreshments in the workplace to help to energise and recuperate throughout our long and busy days.

Here at YOUR Office UK we totally understand that a refreshed employee is a happy employee which is why we offer a full range of office catering products.

Please visit our webstore for a large range of products and if what you are looking for isn’t available please contact us and we can easily source it for you.

  • Tea
    Teabags, Enveloped Tea, Fairtrade Tea, Leafed Tea, Herbal Teas.
  • Coffee
    Instant Coffee, Cappuccino and Latte, Fairtrade Coffee, Coffee Beans, Filter and Caffetiere.
  • Drinking Chocolate
    Instant Hot Chocolate, Sachets, Fairtrade.
  • Milk and Sugar
    Milk, Whiteners, Sugar, Sweeteners.
  • Cups and Disposables
    Paper Cups, Plastic Cups, Polystyrene Cups, Cutlery, Lids.
  • Cold Drinks
    Bottled Water, Fruit Juice, Soft Drinks, Cordials.
  • Food and Snacks
    Biscuits, Confectionery, Crisps, Condiments, Cereal, Soup.



We are an official supplier of Keurig Hot brewing systems which are the leading brand in the USA. We stock a large range of machines so we can cater for any size business. We also supply the K-Cup Pods and the flavours now include Starbucks coffee as well as many other products from Green Tea to Hot Chocolate.
See our Keurig Hot Brewing Systems blog post.