Safety in YOUR Workplace

At YOUR Office UK we understand that safety in the workplace is your number one priority. For moral, legal and insurance reasons, protecting your most valuable asset – YOUR workforce – is at the top of your agenda.  It can however be a nightmare to not only keep up-to-date with legal requirements and obligations but also to organise the various testing and assessments that are mandatory for YOUR business –  no matter what it’s size or trade – in order to fulfil those obligations.

This is where YOUR Office UK can make the difference to YOUR company, providing a bespoke service that saves you time, stress and – at our highly competitive rates – money too.

Why Choose Your Office UK To Supply Your Workplace Safety Services?

Our Workplace Safety services broadly fit into two categories: Electrical Safety and Fire Safety; a full list of those services is below.

You can rely on us to:

  • Offer tailor-made quotations that fit your requirements, at affordable rates
  • Deliver bespoke solutions for your Electrical Safety and Fire Safety service obligations, irrespective of your company size, profession or location
  • Provide an accomplished and reliable  team of skilled professionals to carry out the work with the minimum of disruption to your business
  • Be easy to contact – you’ll have a dedicated account manager as a single point of contact – we are here to make your life easier and afford you peace of mind
  • Ensure you receive all appropriate reports, recommendations, certificates or other documents as required to prove you have complied with all legislative commitments

There is much more info at the links below to each of the Electrical Safety and Fire Safety services we provide; please browse through and then Contact Us for a competitive quotation.

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